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Foster’s supplies high-quality seeds. Whether it is cereal, canola, peas, faba beans, forages, turf or native seed, we have the varieties that are best suited to the northern climate of Alberta.

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Certified #1, 25Kg Bag, Inoculated with Nitragin Gold.

Peace Alfalfa is the most winter hardy variety of all the Purple Flower Alfalfa and Foster’s is proud to be the sole supplier for Western Canada. Alfalfa is Alberta’s most widely used legume, adaptable to all regions, high yielding and excellent quality. It is used for hay, silage, pasture, and processing.

Alfalfa is a good nitrogen fixer. Stands typically produce well for three to five production years. It is palatable to livestock, but may cause bloat in ruminants, which affects its use for pasture.

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